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This is a journey through a twisted system that makes victims out of honest working Americans. As with any state agency, there will be people who manipulate the system to gain benefits they are not entitled to. This will not deal with those individuals, but rather with those who control and manipulate the workman's compensation system in their favor: doctors, lawyers and administrators alike. In most states workman's compensation does not take care of the people that have paid into it, but instead acts as a cottage industry for the priviliged - doctors, lawyers and administrators. The system was intended to protect the injured workers and their families from economic disaster and ruin in the event that they become disabled through an industrial accident, but has lost its focus and its vision in favor of protecting those who administer it. 

This injured and disabled worker will take you through the maze of bureaucracy set up to discourage injured workers from filing claims, and introduce you to those who do their best to obstruct, discourage and deny those in need of workman's compensation services. Those services include medical attention, rehabilitation and retraining so that the injured can return to lead productive lives instead of being looked upon by society as malingerers, slackers, or moochers. The system should not focus on denying these people coverage, but should support them in their recovery. However, if it were to work properly, it would put layers of administration out of work. 

It is interesting that at this time, when the current Obama administration is trying to reform health care, that reform is being fought by functionally similar agencies. They cry that reform will reduce the quality of health care for Americans. In fact, the workman's compensation system has been reducing the quality of care for those injured on the job for years. The most consistent feature of the workman's compensation system is a lack of integrity, honesty and transparency. 

When you read through the documentation, it is up to you, as an interested individual, to draw your own conclusion as to the validity of what has been presented. This site is not being set up to point fingers, malign, or in other ways denigrate specific individuals, but rather to provide discussion and support for others that the system has failed. Together we can find a way to have our collective voices heard in getting the care and respect that injured workers have lost and regain the benefits workman's compensation was meant to provide. If, after reading, this encourages you to be your own advocate with your case worker, it will have been successful.